We Lead with Our Votes...

Then we back it up with action.

On election day, we go to the ballot box together—okay, in Oregon we go to the mailbox—committed to building a government that reflects our values. The 2018 election may be past, but there is still work to be done. Oregon’s progressive future is on the line.

As the newly elected representatives are heading to Salem and Governor Kate Brown is readying the agenda, they need our voices and actions to support them.

Join the Multnomah County Democrats and together let’s show how it is done.

Your Elected Democrats

Meet some of the Democrats that represent the Willamette Valley and Northwest Oregon.

Kate Brown 

Oregon Governor

Janelle Bynum 

House District 51

Anna Williams 

House District 52

Rachel Prusack 

House District 37

Ballot Measures: Clearing the air in 2018

In 2018, a series of dangerous ballot measures threatened our values as Oregonians. We soundly defeated them, with your help.

In addition, we passed Ballot Measure 102, allowing new innovations in housing.

State Ballot Measures

Measure 102: Yes!

Funds Affordable Housing

Measure 103: No! 

Only Benefits Corporations

Measure 104: No! 

Jeopardizes Public Services

Measure 105: No! 

Harms Public Safety

Measure 106: No! 

Removes Access to Abortion Services

Local Measures

Measure 26-199: Yes! 

Increases Portland Metro Housing Options

Measure 26-200: Yes! 

Gets Big Money Out Of Politics

Measure 26-201: Yes!

Creates Green Energy Jobs for Portland