The Next Local Election

Ballots were mailed on April 29, 2020 and are due by May 19, 2020

Volunteer to get out the word!

People need inspiration to fill out and return their ballots to become voters.  Your work could make the difference. Sign up to cover a turf with Multnomah Democrats slate cards to let people know about Democrats running in their districts.

Why This Election Matters

Imagine a Multnomah County with fully funded schools, affordable college tuitions, clean drinking water, no pollution. Before we can live in this world we have to have the right people in charge.

The people you vote onto your school board are responsible for: employing the superintendent, developing and adopting policies and curriculum, budget, overseeing facilities issues, and adopting collective bargaining systems.

School board directors decide whether schools adopt equitable, anti-racist materials.  They decide whether to fund cops or guidance counselors.  They decide which text books our community’s kids learn from.

We want to help you to get to know the Democrats running for local office. These candidates have stepped forward to be your voice. Let’s get out the vote for them.

May 2020 Local District Elections

What will be on your ballot in May 2020?

Who you can vote for is based on the address of your voter registration. Their qualifications, determination and outreach are key to the outcome.