Ballot Measure 102

Referred by the legislature, Measure 102 would amend the Oregon Constitution to allow local governments to issue bonds to support affordable housing projects developed by public-private partnerships.

How Oregon benefits from increasing affordable housing options

Measure 102’s amendment lifts the ban on local governments working with nonprofits and local businesses to issue bonds. It would have an immediate impact by ensuring local bond dollars go farther to build homes Oregonians can afford.

How Measure 102 will help Oregonians

If Measure 102 does not pass, it will be harder to develop ways to build affordable housing. Throughout Oregon, rents and housing costs have skyrocketed. As the cost of living increases, many people can no longer live near their jobs or fear losing their homes. If nothing changes, we will force out teachers, nurses, and first responders, the people who are crucial to maintaining stable communities.

Did you know that Measure 102 makes it easier for local communities to build and preserve affordable housing by letting them pair funding from public bonds with funding from local sources?

Vote “YES” on Measure 102 to give hard-working Oregonians access to safe, affordable housing.