Measure 103

Measure 103 would take away Oregonians’ ability to make local decisions about taxes by hiding a corporation-friendly amendment in a ban on new taxes on groceries, including food and soda.

How Oregonians benefit from making their own decisions about taxes

Currently, Oregonians have the ability to make decisions about local taxes. Local residents best understand how to meet the financial need of their communities and should have the power to lower and raise taxes as needed.

How Measure 103 would harm Oregonians

Under the guise of a Constitutional amendment, the measure gives specific benefits to the grocery industry by permanently prohibiting taxes on groceries and freezing the state’s corporate minimum tax, extending its benefit beyond supermarket chains. The measure has unintended consequences. It exempts restaurant meals, but not necessities such as diapers, medicine, and toilet paper. The measure is retroactive to September 2017, which means it would repeal parts of Measure 101. It also states that small business taxes for farmers can never be lowered, leaving Oregon without ways to protect its agriculture.

Did you know that if Measure 103 passes, it would carve out hidden corporate tax breaks for multinational corporations, trucking companies, and slaughterhouses, which would hurt Oregon businesses?

Voters, not corporations, should decide what is taxed. Vote “NO” on Measure 103 to maintain local control over taxes.