Measure 104

By expanding the supermajority requirement, Measure 104 would jeopardize school, health care and public service funding

How Oregon benefits from having a flexible system to assess revenue

While Oregon requires a supermajority vote to pass bills to raise revenue, it only requires a simple majority to eliminate or change rates, exemptions, deductions, or credits. The lower threshold of a simple majority makes it easier to close tax loopholes, assess fees, and reform taxes.

How Measure 104 would harm Oregonians

Measure 104 would establish a Constitutional amendment requiring a 3/5 vote to raise revenue via fees and surcharges beyond taxes, as well as to repeal or reform existing laws, such as closing tax loopholes or changing rates. Requiring a supermajority would create gridlock; a few lawmakers could hold the revenue process hostage to special interests, which would negatively impact budgets for public services.

Did you know that if Measure 104 passes, it would change the constitution and allow wasteful tax breaks and loopholes, while increasing political gridlock?

Vote “NO” on Measure 104 because it’s a bad tax scheme for Oregon.