Ballot Measure 105

Since 1987, Oregon’s inclusivity law has protected Oregonians from racial profiling. Measure 105 would destroy that.

Oregonians benefit from the state’s “sanctuary” law

Prohibiting the use of state and local resources to enforce federal immigration law creates safer communities by making it possible for immigrants to come forward when they have knowledge of or are the victims of crime because they know that their immigration status will not be an issue.

How Measure 105 would harm Oregonians

If Measure 105 passes, public safety will be at risk. If immigrants are afraid to come forward to report crimes, to be witnesses, and testify, they, and our communities, become less safe. It would direct law enforcement, whose budgets are already stretched thin, to divert resources from local budgets for immigration enforcement. If Oregon’s inclusivity law is eliminated, we would see an increase in profiling, family separations, and distrust of law enforcement. That would harm, not help, our local communities.

Did you know that if Measure 105 passes, it would allow police to stop, detain, or interrogate someone solely based on their suspected immigration status?

Let’s keep Oregon safe and families together by voting “No” on Measure 105