Ballot Measure 106

In Oregon, all women have the right to access abortion services. Ballot Measure 106 would eliminate publicly funded abortions, denying coverage to thousands of women.

How Oregonians benefit from publicly funded reproductive health care, including abortions

Over 300,000 women receive reproductive health care through the state health plans. Many of them work in the public sector as teachers, firefighters, emergency responders, and nurses. Working families are often under financial stress and access to essential reproductive health care services creates stability.

How Measure 106 would harm Oregonians

Measure 106 would particularly harm vulnerable populations who already face hurdles getting their health care needs met. It would disproportionately impact public service employees by denying women the right to affordable health care and to information to make informed reproductive health care decisions.

Did you know that if Measure 106 passes, almost 271,000 public employees and low-income Oregonians will lose access to a full range of reproductive health care?

Health care is a human right, and we need to protect that right for all Oregonians by voting “NO” on Measure 106.