Ballot Measure 26-199

Measure 26-199 would approve a regional housing bond to build new, affordable homes and renovate existing homes for up to 7,500 people throughout the Metro region who need safe, affordable housing.

How a lack of affordable housing hurts Metro residents

In the Portland Metro area, the price of housing has long been outpacing people’s ability to pay for it. Seniors, veterans, young families, communities of color, people with disabilities, and those at risk of homelessness are often worst served by the housing market.

How Measure 26-199 will improve housing options

By creating permanently affordable and safe housing, Measure 26-199 creates a stable housing base for low-income individuals and families. By addressing the issue regionally, more communities will contribute and benefit from it, which will lower the cost of the project. The bond will create a mix of housing so there will be options for different family sizes, and by building throughout the region, people will have the opportunity to stay in or near their current neighborhoods and maintain community bonds. Over the life of the homes, thousands of people will benefit from this safe and affordable housing.

Did you know that by increasing affordable housing, Measure 26-199 helps eliminate racism, empowers women, and promotes human dignity?

Vote “YES” on Measure 26-199 to keep the Metro region affordable for all families.