Ballot Measure 26-200

By amending the City of Portland’s charter, Measure 26-200 would reform campaign finance by limiting campaign contributions and expenditures and by requiring identification of campaign communications funding.

How the current campaign finance system hurts Portland residents

Big money in politics undermines public confidence in government and prevents the majority of citizens from being heard when their much smaller contributions are drowned out by PACs and corporate contributions. Oregon is one of only five states that does not limit political campaign contributions, which makes elections in Oregon much more susceptible to the negative influence of special interest money.

How Measure 26-200 would improve Portland elections

By limiting PAC and individual contributions to $500 and limiting the amount of money that could be spent independently, corporate money would be kept out of local races. Political advertisements would have to disclose their top five funders, which would increase transparency and reduce the opportunity for corruption. Candidates could spend more time engaging with voters instead of trying to secure large donors. Most importantly, it would remove the “deep pockets” necessary to mount a successful campaign and enable a greater diversity of candidates, including women, people of color, and young people, to run for office.

Did you know that by limiting campaign contributions, Measure 26-200 would create a more diverse candidate pool?

Vote “YES” on Measure 26-200 to get big money out of politics and make more voices heard in local government.