Measure 26-201

By passing Measure 26-201 to establish the Portland Clean Energy Fund, Portland will become a city where the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy are part of the fabric of daily life.

How climate change is also an economic justice issue

Climate change is real, and this measure will take proactive steps to fight its effects in a way that also addresses social and economic inequities by providing new economic opportunities for women, communities of color, and low-income residents. The Portland Clean Energy Fund is the first major environmental policy developed and led by Oregon’s communities of color. A one percent surcharge on retailers that have both U.S. revenue over $1 billion and Portland revenue over $500,000 would raise $30 million annually for the Clean Energy Fund.

How Portlanders will benefit from Measure 26-201

Most cities lack the funding to fight climate change in a sustained way that also provides meaningful family-wage jobs and drives social change.The Portland Clean Energy Fund will direct resources to the people—low-income and people of color—most impacted by climate change and most often excluded from the “green” economy. Fifty percent of the fund’s projects will be directed to impacted communities. Possible projects include weathering homes, installing solar panels, providing job training, expanding local food production, and building sustainable infrastructure.

Did you know that by creating the Portland Clean Energy Fund, Measure 26-200 will fight climate change and do so in a way that promotes racial and economic justice?

Vote “YES” on Measure 26-201 to fight climate change and build a just, green economy.