Critical Races, Powerful Voices

These progressive leaders need your help to guide Oregon towards a promising future.

Our progressive powerhouse

Kate Brown for Governor

When she unexpectedly became governor in 2015, Kate easily stepped into a leadership role. She focused on issues important to families, such as raising the minimum wage, guaranteeing paid sick leave, and investing in education. Not one to stand still, she was the first governor to sign a motor voter law, end the use of coal power, and codify access to the full range of reproductive health care. We can count on Kate to be a progressive leader for Oregon.

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Strong candidates, critical races

Janelle Bynum

House District 51

Small business owner and the daughter of teachers, we can count on Janelle to lead in the legislature for business, communities, education, and promoting diverse voices. She drives initiatives for strong neighborhoods and smart development that will be the foundation for a stronger Oregon. In an East County district, she believes that infrastructure means sidewalks and streetlights that make routes to school and work safer.

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Anna Williams

House District 52

Anna will continue her years of organizing and building communities when she has the opportunity to serve Hood River and all of us in the Oregon House of Representatives. Along with her work as an educator, she has brought attention and change for older Oregonians as one of the founders of the Aging in the Gorge Alliance. From pre-schools to university students to veterans to seniors, Anna has proven her ability to listen and generate change.

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Chrissy Reitz

Senate District 26

The conventional wisdom in hospitals is “if you want to make something happen, ask a nurse.” Chrissy serves on the local school board, has deep roots in her community, and knows how to get things done. Her focus on the school board has been to bring more teachers and resources to classrooms. With a son and daughter in school, Chrissy is acting to make Oregon a great place to grow and learn.

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Rachel Prusak

House District 37

As a nurse for geriatric and hospice patients, Rachel has held the hands and brought care to hundreds, if not thousands, of aging and homebound Oregonians. She is ready to bring her commitment to the legislature and an experienced community voice to Salem. Rachel will prioritize gun safety, health care initiatives, and innovative education.

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Charles Gallia

Senate District 20

With roots in Oregon generations deep, Charles understands how government decisions affect real people. With years of experience studying issues, he understands how to make the most of an opportunity. Charles has committed his time to improve children’s health care in his community and care for open spaces. For Oregon City and Clackamas, Charles will work for long-term transportation solutions and livability.

Meet Charles

Jamie McLeod-Skinner

OR Congressional District 2

Jamie McLeod-Skinner is running to change the conversation for Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District. For the past 16 months, she has traveled over 40,000 miles in her Jeep, talking and listening to voters, showing a level of engagement the district has lacked. She is committed to communities and focused on issues that affect people’s lives directly, such as health care, education, our changing climate, and the importance of agriculture and economic development. Jamie will be representative for the people, not corporations, and give the 2nd District a committed, visible presence in Washington, D.C.

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OR State House: Full Candidate List

Sherri Malstrom

House District 27

Brad Witt

House District 31

Mitch Greenlick

House District 33

Margaret Doherty

House District 35

Jennifer Williamson

House District 36

Andrea Salinas

House District 38

Karin Power

House District 41

Rob Nosse

House District 42

Tawna Sanchez

House District 43

Tina Kotek

House District 44

Barbara Smith Warner

House District 45

Alissa Keny-Guyer

House District 46

Diego Hernandez

House District 47

Jeff Reardon

House District 48

Chris Gorsek

House District 49

Carla Piluso

House District 50

Janelle Bynum

House District 51

Anna Williams

House District 52

OR State Senate: Full Candidate List

Betsy Johnson

Senate District 16

Rob Wagner

Senate District 19

Shemia Fagan

Senate District 24

Chrissy Reitz

Senate District 26