Anna Williams

Oregon House District 52, Hood River Area

Anna Williams is a community organizer who knows the value of every citizen in House District 52, from seniors to DREAMers, and shows it.

Anna Williams believes in getting to the roots of issues that affect us all. Putting community needs first, Anna will bring her extensive background in community organizing, social work, and teaching to meet the needs of Oregonians in District 52.

“I have come to know Anna Williams through the work I do around aging issues. She is knowledgeable about issues, passionate about people, and has the energy of 10 people. She is the kind of legislator Oregon needs to take us forward. District 52 would be fortunate to have her as their representative.” ~Keren Brown Wilson

“Yo apoyo a Anna para Camara de Representantes del Estado de Oregon Distrito 52. I fully support Anna in her campaign. She is a passionate leader and meets her community where they are. She is honest in her efforts to improve community health and well-being.” ~Leticia Valle

“Anna is not only deeply caring and compassionate, she’s also smart, strategic and well organized. Anna is one of the most productive and capable people I’ve met or had the chance to work with. She takes to heart the importance of truly considering perspectives different from her own, and is able to synthesize the wisdom of different ideas. All Oregonians would be lucky to have her contributing to the conversation in Salem. Anna Williams gets stuff done!”
~Mark Thomas

As quoted by Mark Thomas, Anna believes that is important to “Find a place you really love, and then do everything in your power to make it better.” Anna brings her knowledge of community organizing and her love for her community together to work toward a better Oregon.

  • Help promote a productive Democratic agenda by delivering a vote for Anna.
  • Coming from a history of working in and with communities, Anna knows the value of neighbors helping neighbors.
  • Vote for a representative who knows when to listen and how to act.
  • Prioritize community safety now and in the future by voting for Anna’s efforts to protect the environment, provide health care, and value every member of our community from seniors to DREAMers.