Chrissy Reitz

Oregon Senate District 26, Hood River

Chrissy Reitz is a nurse and community leader who knows the importance of giving Oregon children every possible opportunity.

As a former neonatal nurse who serves as chair of the Hood River County School Board, Chrissy Reitz fights to give every child the chance to realize their potential. Her priorities on education, strong families, and a healthy environment will provide a foundation for each child in her community and around the state to succeed.

“Chrissy works tirelessly every day to better our community. She is passionate, experienced, and well-informed on local issues.” ~Megan Davis, Owner, Pine Street Bakery

“Chrissy is committed to improving our schools. That’s why she’s earned my vote.” ~Chuck Bugge, Ed. D, Former HRCSD Superintendent, HRC Education Foundation Board Member

“Chrissy has a deep appreciation for the beauty of our district and will work hard to protect it.” ~Tom Scully, Hood River County School Board Member

Chrissy has energy and experience that will make for a powerful voice in Salem.

  • Vote for a candidate with a history of making a difference in her community.
  • Prioritize children by voting for a candidate who recognizes the importance of healthcare and environmental protection in their lives.
  • Protect everyone by supporting a candidate who cares about healthcare.

Vote for Chrissy to promote family wages, a healthly environment, and affordable housing.