Kate Brown

Oregon Governor

As Oregon’s Governor, Kate Brown prioritizes family, workers, health care, and education to create opportunities for all Oregonians.

Representing a geographically diverse state, Kate knows how to govern collaboratively. Governor Brown is pro-family, pro-environment, and pro-education.
In this election, Kate Brown understands that it is important to take stands to protect Oregon’s values. Her focus on the needs of Oregon residents drives her ability to create positive change.

“I’m the only one in the race that has a track record of bringing Oregonians together to tackle difficult issues facing Oregon. I’m a consensus builder and a collaborator.”

In this complex political climate, Kate prioritizes the needs of community — all communities.

  • Help promote a progressive Democratic agenda by delivering your vote to Kate.
  • She is focused on social policies that benefit Oregonians at all stages of life.
  • Keeping Kate as Oregon governor means she can build on her progressive educational, family, and environmental initiatives.

With Kate in the Governor’s office, we can realize green jobs, healthcare for all, and innovations to set our economy on the right track for generations.