Rachel Prusak

Oregon House District 37, Tualatin/West Linn

Rachel Prusak is a dedicated community advocate. Inspired by her 20 years working as a nurse, she will fight for gun safety, unions, and health care access for all.

Rachel will provide House District 37 with the compassion, integrity, and trust she provides her patients.

“She’s honest, and she’s energetic, and those kinds of things are what we need for our community.” ~Diane Cubbage: of the Willamette Women Democrats

“I know that she’s going to stand up for me and my family and all the families living in our community. I have a daughter with a learning disability, and there are so many things that we need to change in our state government. I need someone down in Salem who is going to be working for us.” ~Erica Stock: Mother, Environmentalist

Rachel draws inspiration from her work with the aging and homebound. She is ready to bring that real-world experience and energy to Salem.

  • Drawing from experience, Rachel knows how to treat everyone with respect and advocate for their needs the importance of treating everyone with respect and advocating for their needs.
  • Replacing the current Republican Representative, a known opponent to increased health care access, will mean better healthcare options, attention to families, and care for Oregon’s environment.
  • A vote for Rachel is a vote for a more responsive government.
  • Promote a productive Democratic agenda by delivering a vote for Rachel.

Rachel believes that nurses belong wherever they can advocate for their patients. District 37, from Tualatin to West Linn, can send this energetic community member to work in Salem.