Get access to VAN

Get access to VAN

The Multnomah County Democrats can give you access to a powerful digital voter engagement tool called Voter Activation Network (VAN). You may have heard of it. It’s a database that holds voter files in your district. With this tool, you have access to voting history, mailing addresses, phone number and ways to map your turf.

If you would like to get VAN access from Multnomah County Democrats, follow these steps.

  1. Review the introduction letter linked below.
  2. If you want VAN access, fill out, print, sign this form.
  3. Once it’s signed, scan the form with your signature and email everything to
  4. The Multnomah County Democrats will review your application to ensure you are a Democrat in good standing.

Other items on a candidate’s to-do list:

  1. Announce candidacy.
  2. Develop and submit a Voters’ Pamphlet statement.
  3. Establish an ORESTAR fundraising account or file for the seat when filing is opened.
  4. Once approved, DPO will request payment for the cost for VAN.
  5. After payment is received, DPO will grant you access to VAN.


The form to request access to VAN is here. Download it to get started.