Amanda Schroeder

Centennial School Board, Director Position 7, At-Large

Amanda Schroeder is proud to be a native Oregonian. Her commitment to the residents of this state is evident in the work she has done to support veterans, victims of violence, children, and Oregon workers.

Amanda brings a depth of experience as a U.S. Army Veteran, a linguist, Veterans Service Representative, Congressional Liaison, Union President, Executive Board Member of Oregon AFL-CIO, and National Women’s Advisory Coordinator for American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE, her union). She co-founded Support Our Sisters, a domestic violence community awareness project, testified in front of the Oregon Legislature, organized for political action in support of Oregon workers and women’s health and status, and advocated for Oregon veterans. Her work to improve the lives of others, earning her the 2012 Elsie Schrader Outstanding Achievement award.

Amanda is also a proud and grateful survivor of breast cancer – a battle that helped her understand on a deeply personal level the myriad difficulties cancer patients experience not only personally, but economically, and in the workplace and health care systems. She is also a wife and mother. Amanda is married to Matt, whom she met while serving in the Army. They have two children: Emmanuelle, a Centennial High School sophomore and Kenny, a sixth grader at Butler Creek Elementary School. Amanda is a graduate of Emerge Oregon, a leadership and training program for Democratic women. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Oregon State University and a Master’s Degree in Education from Portland State University.