Andrew J Scott

Portland Public Schools, Zone 1

Andrew is a dedicated public servant focused on finding innovative and creative ways to make taxpayer-funded programs work better. Andrew knows how to ensure everyone benefits from these public investments, particularly people of color, children, and the most vulnerable in our community.

Andrew grew up in Southwest Portland and is a strong believer in public education. He spent his early years at Capitol Hill K-5, his early teens at Markham/Jackson 6-8, and his glory days as a drummer in the Wilson High School band.

Andrew and his wife, Gretchen Morley, live in the Maplewood neighborhood with their kids, cats, and chickens. Their two children attend Portland Public Schools’ Odyssey Program at East Sylvan, where Andrew served as treasurer of the PTA. It’s also where Andrew gathered parents to discuss strategies to bring more kids of color and low-income families into the program.

During his more than 20 years of public service, Andrew built a reputation for insisting on accountability, transparency, and results. Andrew knows setting high expectations for taxpayer-funded programs – and exceeding those expectations – is the best way to earn people’s trust.