Aquiles Montas

Portland City Council, Position 2

It is with this love and passion that I want you to know that I am a candidate for City Commissioner, Position 2.

The sad loss of commissioner Nick Fish is a daunting challenge to Portland to respond with new leadership. This challenge comes at a time and place in my life where I find myself able, prepared, ready, and free to step forward without reservation to serve the City.

I believe I have the leadership, government and private work experience, and proven commitment to diversity and inclusion to tackle the challenges facing Portland. Our central challenge is to defend community values in the midst of what feels like over-heated development in an increasingly over-heated and sadly polluted earth.

My priorities are: homelessness, protecting and strengthening neighborhoods, safety, transportation system improvement, REALLY affordable housing especially for the retired and low income, mitigating gentrification, supporting arts and music education in our schools, and job-study programs for teens.

As a champion of collaboration, I know we can strengthen communication of City Government with Portlanders to be inclusive and transparent. I look forward to engaging with other candidates, citizen groups, and with you in a collective learning experience that will serve the community and its new leaders.

I invite you to join in this campaign. I hope that the community of friends who become involved in my campaign will be part of a continuing community of action on City affairs whether or not I am elected. This means that your donating $ 20 to $ 50 in the next two weeks would help me kick of the my campaing. Please help as you wish. Donations by check to Vote4Motas mailed to the address below. Or go to our website:

Please call to share questions or ideas for our campaign.

For Portland, as always