Ashley Brassea

Parkrose School Board, Director, Position 3

Ashley has 23 years of experience working with, and advocating for and empowering kids. Throughout her personal life, career, and time volunteering in schools, she has shown that she is passionate about helping to teach the next generation how to move through life using a social-justice and equity mindset.

Because she highly values understanding others’ perspectives outside of her own, she has always prioritized building relationships with a diverse group of families, mature community members, and teachers in her district. Through her time connecting with others in Parkrose and prior to deciding to run for school board, she has become deeply invested in the education that the Parkrose District’s students receive.

Ashley has goals of ensuring that every student is seen, is heard, and is safe on our school campuses; that there is a priority put on pressuring the legislature to fully fund our schools; that we build a school district that is truly inclusive and that provides access and opportunities to all students; and that we are always striving to build bridges that close the gap in meeting the needs of our most marginalized students and families. Ashley has been, and will continue to, seek ways for families of children with disabilities and families of color to be supported, invested in, included in, and empowered to leadership in our schools.

Ashley believes that a school board should be built of a group of people who know that they cannot be successful by climbing on the backs of others to achieve things that only benefit a few of the students and families in Parkrose. She knows that we are better when we work together and that there is beauty in our diversity! She strives to teach her own children, through her words and actions, that life works best when we leverage our privilege and use our voices and actions to support and build relationships with others.