Sara Kirby

Parkrose School Board, Position 2

I’m Sara Kirby wife, and mom of two kids at Prescott. I’m also a senior solid waste planner at Metro. We’ve lived in our little house by Parkrose Middle School for 11 years. I’ve served our district for three and  half years, I’d like to serve our kids for four more years.

School should be an engaging, empowering and transformative experience for all students. Because of three decades of chronic statewide underfunding, less is available to Oregon public school students today than when we were kids. Fewer programs, more high-stakes testing, less time being active and fewer elective and enrichment choices.

I stand for

  • Proven, effective equitiable strategies that help Parkrose students reach their potential
  • A welcoming, safe environment where all students and staff are respected
  • Thoughtful, evidence-based decisions
  • Advocating for the resources our students need to bring back the programs and opportunities our students have lost
  • Inclusive community engagement practices
  • Collaborative leadership to serve our community

Some very good things are happening in Parkrose School District. Graduation rates are up, new inclusive community engagement strategies are getting more, diverse, voices to the table, all our schools are improving. I am asking for your support to continue serving all Parkrose students as a member of the school board.

I would appreciate your vote, we can do this together!