Shanice B. Clarke

Portland Public School Board, Zone 2

Shanice comes from a family of Jamaican immigrants who migrated to the United States so their children could access an education. After coming to the U.S.  to become a working-class family, she encountered many hardships, including being a victim of trauma. This prevented her from a successful completing high school, and she dropped out. After obtaining a GED and post-graduate degrees, Shanice began a journey of addressing student-retention issues.

As an educator, an advocate, and a progressive community organizer who proudly calls Portland home, she cares deeply about our students, families, and education professionals. The future of our greater community depends on our district’s ability to meet the educational needs of all students, to provide safer classrooms, and to address the ever-growing threat that economic insecurity poses to our abilities to do so. We are long overdue for schools that guarantee any student a promising educational experience, regardless of who they are or where they come from. That’s why Shanice is running for Portland Public School Board, Position 2. Shanice is running to lead our district towards a future where equitable student success is a given and not a perennial goal.