Yesenia Delgado

Reynolds School Board Position 5

Yesenia Delgado is proud graduate of the Reynolds School District and knows firsthand what a dedicated and hardworking district Reynolds is. She is seeking reelection for the Reynolds School Board to ensure that all students, regardless of their income, background, and zip code receive an education that prepares them for a world yet to be imagined.

Yesenia Delgado earned her B.A. in Human Development at Warner Pacific University. She is currently the Housing & Community Development Program Manager at El Programa Hispano Catolico, where she works to improve equitable housing and economic outcomes for diverse communities. She has wide range of experience, including providing one-on one support, developing equitable policies/systems, advocating for systemic changes, supporting social and racial justice causes, and leading community grassroots projects to better local neighborhoods. She knows what can be accomplished through hard work, determination, and the support of her community.

Delgado would be the first to acknowledge that her success was the exception—and not the rule. That is why she is adamant about continuing to serve in the district that helped her overcome the odds. She recognizes the challenges that far too many students in the Reynolds School District face. She believes that we can continue to improve outcomes for all students through an equity-based education platform guided by a holistic approach that includes mental well-being, fiscal sustainability, and policies to ensure that our students are being adequately prepared to meet the challenges of a 21st-century economy.